The World of Animus

The many, merry adventures of Baron von Meowhausen, Time-Traveller and Culinary Explorer extraordinaire

Like Baron von Munchausen, Meowhausen the cat lives in fantasy. He meets talking animals & has many Puss in Boots like adventures on the fantasy world of Animus.


Tales of Animus — Book 4: Great Tribulations


great tribulations

When you feel let down by the world and all hope has flown,
Remember—the night is always darkest right before dawn.

Simba Murrano, a successful fashion mogul, leaves the comforts of his Ragdollywood hairstyling empire in search of adventure. Boldly, he lays it all on the line, venturing into the savage swamplands of Bow-Wowria, on a quest to spread fine feline grooming techniques to the caninekind.
He returns triumphant, but finds tragedy waiting on his doorstep. In his absence, his dear Momma has been taken ill and the doctors are not at all optimistic. Simba’s world is shattered—his Mom means everything to him. Searing emotions and vivid memories fight for control, even as Simba’s world spirals out of control. Will he be consumed by his grief or learn to live with it somehow?

It is true that we all have our problems. Most of us, however, have got survival covered and our problems stem from trying to get ahead in life—our ambitions lie beyond staying alive. Most of us are not like Plek.

Star-crossed and sky-cursed from the cradle, little orphaned Plek has had to fend for herself and her brother all her eight lives, which blew past before she knew it. For as long as she could remember the odds had been stacked against her and she had no clue why the weight of the world had been placed on her narrow shoulders.
There were those, however, who understood every thorn on the rose of Plek’s destiny and in her darkest hour they came to her aid, lifted her up and ended her suffering. They extended her few remaining days to infinity and rewarded her greatly for volunteering to stand up against the Darkness, even before she was born.

A glimpse into the naïve life of a curious kitten.

Although she begins life as an aristocat, Nomo’s perfect family is battered by disaster after disaster and she soon finds herself alone, having to forge her own way in life, with no one to help her.
It’s true what they say: ‘amazing talent will always find a way to shine bright’ and Nomo does just that.

She forms a band and enjoys an amazing career for a while, which begins to fall apart, as her past catches up to her. The talented singer is forced to face the demons within and without, to avert a looming apocalypse.
With so many perils, pitfalls, distractions and plots, will Nomo be able to stand up for what’s right? Will she have the guts?

Newali and Raven come from the opposite ends of the social class spectrum. Their proud teams meet on the Frisbee field, where social standing has no bearing. As no quarter is given and the gloves come off in the heat of competition, what will prevail—vanity or virtue?


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©2018 Art by Anja Coppieters // Stories by Ken Temple