The World of Animus

The many, merry adventures of Baron von Meowhausen, Time-Traveller and Culinary Explorer extraordinaire

Like Baron von Munchausen, Meowhausen the cat lives in fantasy. He meets talking animals & has many Puss in Boots like adventures on the fantasy world of Animus.

The World of Animus

Animus is a fictional world, dreamed up by Ken O. Temple and visualised by Anja M. Coppieters.  It is a world parallel to ours and can only be reached from Earth through a magical doorway, that opens for a brief moment, when the moonlight is just right, or through technology too complicated to describe (like Meowhausen’s Lardis device). Animus is a realm where, in the absence of humans, an animal civilisation has thrived.

When the first cats, dogs and other animals came to Animus from Earth, in the wake of a catastrophe, their intelligence was kindled when they drank from a magical, subterranean lake. The enchanted, milky waters imbued the orphans with unique skills and values, so when they ‘terra-formed’ and divided up the new world, four distinctly different countries were born around the ‘Sky Ring Sea’.

Animus is a large world with a vibrant history and is home to many exciting, elaborate and sometimes imposing characters. Read more about the world and its denizens here: lore of Animus.

Although most tales are told from the perspective of Baron von Meowhausen, a Dine Lord and Culinary Explorer Extraordinaire, many of the stories do revolve around other main and supporting characters, as well. By glimpsing the realm from numerous vantage points scattered throughout history and belonging to different narrators, the reader will be able to piece together a more vivid understanding of the whole.

©2018 Art by Anja Coppieters // Stories by Ken Temple