The World of Animus

The many, merry adventures of Baron von Meowhausen, Time-Traveller and Culinary Explorer extraordinaire

Like Baron von Munchausen, Meowhausen the cat lives in fantasy. He meets talking animals & has many Puss in Boots like adventures on the fantasy world of Animus.

Here you can find the Adventures of Thoreen in Poozestan, as they are published in episodes on our Facebook page: Meowhausen - and Friends. There are a total of 9 episodes, with two episodes published each week.

Thoreen won the Surprise Award in the Animus Character Casting Competition Winter 2014-2015.

You can read the whole story in the upcoming book: Meowhausen's Waggish Musings — An Anecdotal Omnibus of Short, Fat Tales.

©2018 Art by Anja Coppieters // Stories by Ken Temple